Continuously Pioneering

The Largest
Marble & Travertine
Block Supplier In Turkey

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Stoneborn connects the customers and resources to let you get a head start in the market.

We were here.
For decades, we were leading, nurturing and investing in the business of natural stones. Like our products, our veins reach to most valuable products and producers, etched deep within the industry.
Like our stones, we do have our times of facing hardship. Like the wind and the rain shapes our stone, times shape us. making sure our surface keeps on shining brighter, our roots growing deeper with experience. 
Today we are born anew again from a fertile source, with a pristine face and strong as ever. Today we are proud to be more flexible and more accessible than ever before, yet always trusted and professional as usual.
We are here. We are stoneborn.

What we do.
We are here to provide you with the most important ingredient of any civilization that has lived and risen. Again and again after every fall in history, humanity were reborn and went ahead to build something new, starting each time with a single stone. 
Yet never alone. We always ended up building it together, as a community. Only together we could stand strong next to each other in the face of time.
That’s what inspires us today to move forward at Stoneborn. We work and stand stronger together with our producers, partners, employees and clients. Our purpose is to be the keystone between all our stakeholders. A keystone that every partner can trust and rely on, to build their own business. So we can keep building our future, together.
We are here to empower the future by leading the pack and winning together.

How we are different.
We don’t just provide Turkey’s unique natural stones around the globe.
We can go around the world to bring you the best from anywhere.Because we offer solutions tailored according to your needs, not ready-made choices that only fit our goals. 

With focusing on every detail like a craftsman, we work to give you the best products with agile services. We invent on your experience. We are inspired by the authenticity of the stones we provide.
We are as creative as the nature influences us - making sure your every encounter with us, counts.

With us, you experience power.
Power of choosing with the best experts available.
Power of getting comfortable like you are home.
Power of manoeuvring for quality.
Power of being one and working all for one.
Power of sticking together for the better and never a one time encounter.

What we believe in.
We believe in caring deeply for what we do. That’s why we are meticulous in every detail. We are selective with our partners.
We care for where the stone comes from and where it will end up shining. We care for the journey in between. We care for the efficiency as well as the friendships we flourish.

We believe business is personal. Deals are smart only when people are invested at heart.
We believe in the people who will bring not only their know-how but personality into the business.

We believe in power with a proven track record.
A kind of power that will evolve.
A kind of power that will welcome all and empower.
A kind of power that creates value and molds into prestige.
A power that keeps on winning for all that keeps on giving.

Investing Continiously

Stoneborn team’s secret for success goes beyond technical knowledge to be the leading trading company. Professionalism and experience but also the quality is the goal.

Trading for customer satisfaction and establishing great business relationships.

Stoneborn always gives the best services to its clients.


Providing customer satisfaction with high quality marble and travertine blocks at competitive prices and effective service from quarry to the port with constant seach for new materials.


Stoneborn has been succesfully doing all steps of block marble trading - from financing the quarry to supplying the best materials.


Stoneborn team’s secret for success goes beyond technical knowledge to be the leading trading company. Professionalism and experience but also the quality is the goal.